waldo9In traditional martial arts, it is often said that in order to get good a student must develop their "eye."  When you ask an older teacher or a teacher from an older generation what that means they usually say that you must learn how to "see" the technique.  What?  That was equally if not more allegorical.  These statements are kind of like a Zen koan in which the student has to figure it out, but you can only figure it out by experiencing it.  As a student trains more they will naturally become more adept at learning and come to the realization of what it means to develop their "eye" and eventually to learn how to "see."  These are things that every student has to overcome and will eventually have to master. Do you remember that popular children's game that was in Highlights magazine called Where's Waldo? This game was designed to teach children how to be attentive and detail oriented as they searched for Waldo.  They had to learn to disregard all the extraneous things on the page and find Waldo who is hiding in plain sight.  This ability to find what is hiding in plain sight is what it means to develop one's "eye" and learn how to "see."  This is no different than class.  The teacher demonstrates and the student observes.  However, to observe is easy to say but hard to do.