How fast should we do the techniques?  The techniques should only be done as fast as one can still maintain the proper form.  If the form erodes, then the tempo of the technique is too fast. How do we speed up the technique?  If the form has been mastered, then one should increase the speed of the footwork to increase the overall speed of the technique.  It is an amateur move to increase the speed of the technique using the upper body.

How do we slow down a fast opponent?  To slow down a fast opponent use the form and the footwork together.  Actually, the faster the opponent the more commitment and thus the easier it is to do the technique but that is if the form and footwork have been mastered.

How do we speed up a slower partner?  If the person is in fact ready to be sped up then you speed them up by increasing the speed of the ukemi which makes them have to move faster.  However this should only be done with the other person's permission otherwise they will just think you are a jerk.

How do we keep from hyperventilating or getting too tired while taking ukemi or doing the techniques?  Of course, don't hold your breathe but also and, more importantly, stay calm.

How quickly should we get dressed?  Sensei told us that we should spend no more than five minutes in the dressing room.  Any more than five minutes meant that we were wasting time.

How quickly should the hakama be folded?  It should take no more than two minutes to fold a hakama.

How early should we get to the dojo before practice?  One should allot enough time to get dressed and thoroughly warm-up.  The warm-up in class is not the place we should be using to warm-up.  The in class warm-up is better suited for calming down our minds to prepare ourselves to learn.

How do you speed up the entire class?  Work on ourselves and be better team players.  We have all heard the adage, "One bad apple spoils the bunch."  Well it goes the other way too.  Our enthusiasm, hard work and good spirit is contagious.  To make everyone else better, we must first be better.