The Aikido Center of Los Angeles has been teaching children Aikido for over thirty years. We are currently teaching Aikido to children starting at the age of 6 years old. 

Aikido is not taught as a competitive sport but rather as a martial art which cultivates the latent power of the mind and the body. In addition to learning the martial art of Aikido, children naturally become more agile, stronger and flexible in our program.

Children are taught the principles of respect, self-discipline, and caring, all in a very fun, but disciplined atmosphere.  

The Childrens class instructor is Ken Watanabe, Aikido 6th Dan. Watanabe Sensei has been involved in teaching Aikido to children since 1992 and he believes that Aikido can play a positive role in a child’s life which can lead them to be healthier, happier and become more productive adults. 

In rank in Aikido is given first in "kyu" grades (colored belts). Children begin as “white” belts wearing only the color white which comes with the uniform. A child’s first promotion is to 7th kyu — yellow belt, with the numbers descending as the student advances. 


7th Kyu Yellow  |  6th Kyu Green  |  5th Kyu Purple  |  4th Kyu Orange
3rd Kyu Blue  |  2nd Kyu Brown  |  1st Kyu Brown