The Aikido Center of Los Angeles as an organization is one of 13 organizations in the United States which has konin (公認) or formal official recognized status with the Aikikai Foundation — Aikido World Headquarters in Japan


Only the dojos listed here are members of the Aikido Center of Los Angeles' organization. 

For more information on our international organization, please contact Gary Illiano at 


Aikido Center of Los Angeles - Kenwa Dojo (Coming Soon)

Chief Instructor: 
Ken Watanabe

Aikido Kodokai Salamanca

Chief instructor : 
Santiago Garcia Almaraz 

la gomera.jpg

Aikido Kodokai - La Gomera-Kihon Dojo

Chief Instructor: 
Javier Garcia


Aikido Kodokai - Valladolid

Chief instructor:
Rubén Pérez Mateo Ullamcorper