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Keep the beginner's mind The greatest asset one can possess is humility.

In this video, Karate Master Tatsuya Naka goes to Okinawa to learn about the roots of Japan Karate.

Tatsuya Naka Sensei is famous for his roles in Kuro Obi and High Kick Girl.

Sometimes when we reach a certain level in life, we think that we have some how "arrived."  When this happens we cease learning and lose what is known in Buddhism as the beginners mind or shoshin.

Most likely, the one thing that keeps us open and willing to learn is humility.  Humility is the realization of the smallness of ourselves in relation to all that is around us or the bigger picture.  When one realizes this, it is humbling.

Thus, to keep pushing one's level is a constant battle with humbleness/humility and one's ego.

If you want to see Karate done right in an action movie, watch Kuro Obi.  I was blown away by his performance and Karate skills.

This video show how someone at Tatsuya Naka Sensei's level still strives to better himself.   If Tatsuya Naka Sensei can take a step back, so can we.