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Aikido is something that must be experienced and sometimes words can just get in the way. Understanding this, we offer those interested in studying Aikido,  an opportunity to experience Aikido before starting in order to gain some insight into its practice.

We don't offer a trial classes but we do offer a private trial lesson which is taught by the teacher, David Ito Sensei.

During this session: 
You will get a private tour of the dojo and its facilities
You will learn about the history of Aikido and its founder Morihei Ueshiba
You will learn about the philosophy of Aikido
You will learn about the dojo and its founder Rev. Kensho Furuya
You will get to experience Aikido first hand by doing some of the techniques

*This session is 45-60 minutes and is offered only on limited days and times*
**Please wear something which you can exercise in**
***One trial lesson per person***


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