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ACLA Newsletter Archives
Welcome to our Newsletters. All images and text are (c) Aikido Center of Los Angeles, 2004-2013. No photos or text may be copied or reprinted without prior written permission of the Aikido Center of Los Angeles.

 Dojo Flyer
September Learning Through Demonstration
August Awareness and Respect
July The Way Out
June Mindful Cleaning
May Five Easy Pieces and The Basics
April The Wind and the Sail
March Sensei, Seven Years Later
February Our 40th Anniversary
January The Wood Horse in the New Year
December Lessons Learned
November The Way of the World
October Integrity
September In Memoriam: Yonemochi Shihan
August Summon the Strength
July Opportunities and Challenges
June Summer Development
May The Basics, Intwined
April Past, Present, and Future
March Rev. Kensho Furuya Sensei
February An Auspicious Beginning
January Gratitude in the New Year
December Happy Holidays - Stick with your training!
November Traditions in Training
October Yonemochi Shihan Retrospective
September Making a Difference
August Breathing, Training, Attitude
July Uchimizu
June Seeing, Training, and Discomfort
May Resolution
April The Truth in our Training
March Rev. Kensho Furuya Sensei Memorial
February The Heart of Training
January Training in the New Year
December The Heart of the Holidays
November Reflections and Gratitude
October Innovation and Transitions
September A Variety of Experience
August Summer Connections
July Determination and Respect
June Clarifying Misapprehensions
May Training Well
April The Proper Spirit
March Remembering Rev. Kensho Furuya Sensei
February The Year of the Rabbit
January Happy New Year!
December A Year in Review
November Hidden Responsibilities
October The Importance of the Black Belt and Training
September Aikido's Three Stages
August Aspects of Mastery
July Cheating and Focus
June Hinkaku
May Training and Our True Selves
April O'Sensei Memorial Edition
March A special memorial issue for our teacher, Kensho Furuya Sensei.
February Year of the Tiger
January Happy New Year!
  May Cultural News issue
December Season's Greetings!
November Ito Sensei visits Veracruz Aikikai.
October The foundations of success, and the science of tradition.
September The nature of true change, and important notes on Bokken training.
August The 2009 Zenshuji Obon Demonstration.
July Aikido 101, and the "three P's" of iaido.
June Training means caring, and letters from Hawaii and Spain!
May The 2009 O'Sensei Memorial Seminar
April Thoughts on Sensei's memorial, and the history of Muso Shinden Ryu.
March Remembering Sensei
February Setsubun, Osoji, and the Year of the Ox.
January Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Kagami Biraki.
December Happy Holidays!
November Happy Thanksgiving!
October Mark Ty Visits Hombu Dojo and Ibaraki Dojo, and Michael Van Ruth's Farewell Lunch.
September The purpose of Aikido training, and important notes on dojo etiquette.
August In the Dojo
JulyThe Dojo is Finally Finished!
AprilGrand Opening Seminar
MarchReverend Kensho Furuya
February2nd Doshu Memorial Service
JanuaryHappy New Year!
December Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
November We Are Open During Construction
October Construction Of The New Dojo Has Started
September Fall is Here
August Hatsubon Service for Furuya Sensei
July New Dojo Groundbreaking
May/June O'Sensei Memorial Service & Seminar with Yonemochi Sensei
April Furuya Sensei Memorial Service
March Upcoming O'Sensei Memorial Service & Seminar
February 2nd Doshu Ueshiba Kisshomaru Memorial Service, Aikikai Instructors Visit Kodokai Dojo in Salamanca, Information About Upcoming O'Sensei Memorial Seminar
January Happy New Year Issue, Greetings from Yonemochi Sensei & Isoyama Sensei, Special Greetings from Master Adam Hsu
December Isoyama Sensei Seminar, Mark Ty Trains At Hombu Dojo, Part 3, Christmas Greetings from Students
November Mark Ty Trains At Hombu Dojo, Part 2, Sensei Guest Instructor at Aikido-Ai
October Mark Ty Trains At Hombu Dojo, Seminar with Yonemochi Sensei, Part 3
September Annual Nisei Week Aikido and Iaido Demonstration, Seminar with Yonemochi Sensei, Part 2
August Seminar with Yonemochi Sensei
July Upcoming Hideo Yonemochi Seminar, Welcome Party, and L.A. Lofts Book Signing, July 15-16
June Upcoming Hideo Yonemochi Seminar, L.A. Lofts Book Signing, July 15-16
May O'Sensei's Memorial Seminar Issue
April O'Sensei Memorial Service
March O'Sensei's Memorial Seminar, April 22nd - 23rd
February 2nd Doshu's Memorial Service
January Special New Year's Issue
December Special Christmas Issue & Grand Opening of Tekko Juku Dojo
November Hacienda La Puente 10th Anniversary Practice
September & October Nisei Week Aikido & Iaido Exhibition
August All Japan Aikido Demonstration, Tokyo, & Lotus Festival, Hollywood
July Shin Koyamada, The Last Samurai
June Aikido O-Matsuri at Aiki Jinja
May O'Sensei's 37th Memorial & Seminar Issue
Mitsunari Kanai Sensei's 1st Memorial Service
February 2nd Doshu's Memorial Service
January Special New Years Issue
May Our 30th Anniversary Issue

Latest Special Interview

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