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Another great NHK documentary on Aikido

I came across another NHK program profiling Aikido and Hombu Dojo.  In this video one gets to see Hombu Dojo and what training is like there.  Doshu demonstrates some nice Aikido and one can see Waka-Sensei Mitsuteru Ueshiba taking his ukemi.  It might be interesting to someone who hasn't been to Hombu Dojo to see the world headquarters of Aikido and how crowded the classes are too.

Great 15 minute documentary about Aikido from 1984

What a great little short documentary on Aikido.  You can not only see 2nd Doshu, but also Saito Sensei.  Hombu dojo looks pretty much the same way as it did then.  The only thing that is different is that Hombu now covers the tatami mat with a canvas cover.  Its wonderful to see Saito Sensei doing aiki-ken.  Everyone should try and make it look like his.

Watch some good Aikido

suganumaO Sensei passed away in 1969 and many of us didn't have a chance to train with him.  However, there are a few of his direct students still left and teaching around the world.  One such student is Morito Suganuma Sensei who is based out of Fukuoka on the island of Kyushu in Japan.  Sensei knew Suganuma Sensei from Sensei's time in Japan in 1969.  Here they are pictured together in front of Hombu Dojo.  I don't know who the gentleman is in the middle (if you do email me).  Sensei always wanted to bring Suganuma Sensei out to our dojo but the timing never worked out.   Suganuma Sensei is very good and his Aikido is every clean and it is  what we would consider "normal" Aikido.  If you are going to watch Aikido on Youtube (which I don't suggest), please watch people like Suganuma Sensei who are experts because a majority of people who post to Youtube are not.  Suganuma Sensei put out a video and here is a link to it on Youtube.  It is almost 45 minutes long but very good. Please enjoy!