It is not enough to be physically strong or athletic when it comes to getting good at Aikido.  Those things will come to every person in time.  "Good" students all share the same traits.  Here are just some of the characteristics that make up a good Aikido student: Listen:  Good students actively listen to what the teachers are saying.

Watch: Good students attentively watch what the teachers are doing.

Copy: Good students conscientiously copy what the teachers are teaching.

Work hard: Good students put in the time necessary to get good.

Be on time: Good students understand the value of time and thus show up early rather than late.

Persevere: Good students know that life is a marathon and not a sprint so diligence and determination are needed to get good.

Help: Good students help others get good.

Forgive: Good students know that they are not perfect nor are their teachers or classmates so they forgive themselves and their others because they are only human.