Be Rebuked,Stand Corrected, and Learn

This is a scroll that tea master Soshitsu Sen writes about in Tea Life, Tea Mind.  It is one of those things that has stuck with me ever since I read that book.

When tragedy strikes we often hear people say, "Don't let it define you."  I try not to think about it that way.  The way I look at it is that the bad things that happen to us are the things that define us.  Whenever something bad happens, I always try and see the lesson.  The hard part for people to comprehend or accept is that everything that happens to you plays a part in your future for your benefit.  You just don't know how or when it will benefit you right now.  That doesn't mean it doesn't hurt or isn't embarrassing right now.  It means that this is the way it is supposed to go and this is the fodder for growth.  After the pain subsides, "What did I learn?" is the only question that needs to be asked.  Just as medicine is sometimes bitter, the bad things that happen in life are necessary for you to see yourself truthfully and grow.  From there...

Be Rebuked, Stand Corrected, and Learn