Happy Father's Day! The older I get and presumably wiser, the more I realize what I don't know.  Life then becomes more about what I can learn rather than what I don't know.  When we are young we are afraid of what we don't know and we doubt ourselves and our abilities.  When we get older, hopefully, fear gives way to curiosity as we realize that we don't, can't or don't need to know everything.  Curiosity is what enables us to learn things that in the past we might have though impossible.  You might have heard the old self-defeating adage, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."  Fortunately we aren't beasts.  We are humans and humans have the uncanny ability for change.  Supposedly, every six years every cell in our bodies is replaced and when you couple that with the fact that our brains are constantly adapting to the changes in life which is called neuroplasticity - human beings can change.  One of the hardest lessons in life is that nothing is permanent.  But what that impermance really leads to is an open door to something different.  Change is seldom good or bad or right or wrong - those are judgements.  Change is about learning more about yourself but that can only happen if we can humbly realize what we don't know, accept change and don't attempt to control it.