vol 4What does Aikido feel like at its highest level?  It is hard to describe the feeling.  I have only been thrown down this way as an uke a few times in my career and it's not a level I have attained as a nage either.  The DVD cover to volume 4 captured one of the times.  I attacked Sensei and then felt completely weight less for what felt like a long time and then gravity just took me and I came crashing down like a ton of bricks.  It felt like Sensei lifted me up somehow and then dropped me off a building.  Oh and I sustained a concussion from this very throw too.  I saw this fountain at Downtown Disney which best illustrates the feeling of being thrown by someone with a high level of skill in Aikido.  The splat at the end of the video is what it feels like.  As if someone turned off the power or pulled the rug out from under you.  You have no control and just go down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1ulHr1nHuw&feature=youtu.be

You can see this same feeling when O Sensei throws all these guys down all at once at 1:18 of this video.