Jibun ga ki ga tsuku made wakatte kurenai which means a student will not understand it until he understands it for himself.  From the Daily Message October 9, 2003. Getting good at either Aikido or Iaido is primarily within your own power.  You may think it is due to the strength or prowess of the teacher but you are sorely mistaken.  There is an old Chinese proverb which best illustrates that, "Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”

Telling you involves hearing and a sometimes seeing, but those are only effective if you are an auditory and visual learner.  But, this is limited by life experiences in order to relate and language skills.  On a side note, currently the US military is experimenting with smell signals because it's supposed to be quickest in terms of cognitive recognition.

Showing you also involves hearing and seeing which are supposed to be the most effective senses in learning since the learner can see exactly what is needed to be done.  However in a physical sense, if the learner has poor kinesthetic awareness or proprioception then re-creation is limited.

Hands on learning or kinesthetic learning involves using almost all of your senses with the exception of taste (unless someone sweats into your mouth...it has happened to me).  Its called learn by doing.

Only within this century in the West has success at the hands of the teacher come into popularity.  Learning by doing has for centuries been the preferred way to learn.  So its up to you to make you good and of course successful in any endeavor.

Have a great Friday!