port_vs_starboardLong ago when Sensei became a priest, the Bishop held up a piece of white paper and said, "The sky is the color of this paper."  Then he asked Sensei, "What color is the sky?"  Basically what the Bishop was asking Sensei was, "Do you want to be right or do you want to be good."  If Sensei would have answered, "Blue" he would have been asked to leave because, to the Bishop, Sensei was only interested in being "right."  In order to be good a student must have faith that what and how the teacher is teaching them will somehow work out in the end for their benefit.  Students who are interested in getting good only focus on what is being taught.  In order to get good the student must only copy and not try to interpret.  It is when they interpret that they become hung up on "knowing" and to that end who is right.  Right isn't always correct because sometimes we don't have the logic for what is being taught to us and only after years of training realize how it factors in.  Therefore the student needs to trust the teacher and strive to be good rather than right.