You might often hear me say that, "There is  no walking backwards in Aikido."  For the most part that is true but sometimes it is nice to go backwards a little bit.  Lets go back to February 5, 2005 and Sensei's common sense list of student hints.




Sensei's Own 10 Favorite Household Hints:

1. To get a whiter Keiko-gi - practice more and wash it more.

2. To get a nice shine and polish to your bokken, do more suburi.

3. To prevent injuries and pain to the wrist and arms, try stop being a jerk on the mats.

4. To make practice on time, leave the bars at 11:00pm instead of 2:00am the night before.

5. To get a better sheen on the teacher's apple, polish it with hundred dollar bills. (JUST kidding!)

6. To prevent your partner from winching in practice, try more soap and water before practice.

7. To get your wife to approve your Aikido practice, hire a good looking, buff swimming pool cleaner. (JUST kidding again!)

8. To get a black belt faster, try soaking your white belt daily in your sweat in practice.

9. To finance your dues more effectively and easily, try stop smoking and/or eating hot dogs.

10. To make your Sensei smile, try practicing ten times harder. (NOT kidding!)