When-You-Blame-othersyou-give-up-your-power-to-change.It's not about right or wrong.  It's about change and what we can do or learn about it.  Everything that happens to us has a hidden gem that can help guide us to our greater selves.  Our job is to find out what that lesson might be.  If you roll and hurt yourself, think, "What can I do better?" instead of, "Why didn't the teacher teach me better?".  When the teacher reprimands you, ask yourself, "What learn from my mistake" rather than, "What a jerk!".  The moment when we start to play the blame game is the moment we give away our power to change.  We cannot change others, we can only change ourselves.  A true martial artist has the ability to enact change at the very deepest of levels and with a nominal amount of effort.  To adjust something without thinking is what it means to be a true martial artist.  At the highest levels the master isn't the most rigid but the most pliable.  In order to reach that level, we must first begin to take ownership of everything in our lives including the things we want to blame on others.  When we can do this, we give ourselves the power to change.  Change - isn't that what studying the martial arts is all about?