Someone asked why there isn't competition in Aikido.  I wished I would have had this video on hand to show them why.  The title of his video is, "Toddler misses golf putt," but it should have been, "What emphasis are we placing on winning which is taking away from what golf is really trying to teach?"  Golf, like Aikido, is something that cannot be mastered.  What this toddler's parents or teacher should be teaching him is how to enjoy the game as he pursues the a better version of himself.  Instead he is learning that happiness is achieved only through accomplishment.  What happens inside is more important than what happens outside. Golf, like Aikido, is a journey where the only victory is the victory over ourselves (Masakastsu, Agatsu).  Competition can be a good thing and maybe even healthy, but it can also bring out the worst in us as seen by this toddler's reaction.  Where was his perseverance?  Where was  his dedication and self-discipline?  The only  thing we saw was him giving up at the slightest hiccup.

How will he fare once life throws a real obstacle in his path or when he experiences real disappointment?  Golf is one of the few games that mirror life, just like Aikido, in that it is supposed to teach us perseverance, self-discipline, patience, self-respect and most of all self-restraint.