You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat the invisible people in their lives.  I call them invisible because we tend not to see them or we don't think of them as people.  These people are salespeople, wait staff, doormen or any other person that is "serving" us. The other day I was attending a wedding and a few of the guests were martial artists.  I was appalled by how rude some of these so called martial artists were to the wait staff.  The drunker they got, the more belligerent or ill mannered they seemed to conduct themselves.

I was raised a little different as a martial artist and Aikidoist by my teacher.  Our conduct had to be paramount and Sensei took us to task if we committed even the slightest faux pas.  Sensei was so strict that we tried to always mind our manners.  Most times, Sensei never said it out loud that we had to behave, it was just expected of us.  He always used to say, "Act as if your teacher is watching" and I can see now why that is important.  These people forget that they represent more than themselves.  They represent their schools, their students, their teachers, their teacher's teacher and most of all their art.  If this is true then we must conduct our selves with more reserve and restraint.

After all, the goal of learning a martial art is not in using it, but having the restraint not to.  Please be careful about how you act because more is riding on it than you might think.  If you wouldn't do that in front of your parents or teacher, why are you doing it?  How you act says volumes about you.