Time to make the donuts!

Martial artist are people who stave off pleasure for purpose.

Do you remember these commercials for Dunkin Donuts with Fred the Baker?  The commercial is a series of shots of him waking up before the crack of dawn muttering, "Time to make the donuts."  I think what the advertisers were trying to get across was that their donuts are delicious because they are baked fresh every day by a human being.  What a great commercial.

One way to look at this commercial is from the point of view of what it means to be an adult.  To me, being an adult means sometimes staving off pleasure for purpose.  The reality of being an adult means that sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do because they need to get done.  A martial artist is no different.  In order to get good, we must do things that we sometimes don't want to do, are too tired to do or are bored with.  Getting up before the crack of done when all of his competitors are asleep is what a serious baker aka a true martial artist must do to be successful.  Therefore, Fred the Baker is just modeling the behavior of what it means to be not only an adult but a good martial artist too.  As martial artists we have to do things that need to get done when they need to be done and there are never any short cuts in training or life.

Do you want to be good?  Then I guess it's, "Time to make the donuts."