To truly appreciate the depth and scope of any martial art takes about 10-15 years of regular training.  Think about Malcolm Gladwell's assertion in his book Outliers that to become an expert in any field of endeavor takes about 10,000 hours of participation.  If you did the math it would average out to about 2.7 hours a day for 10 years.  So I guess that is about right.  Sadly, most never can commit or persevere to make it 10 years or even 15 or 20. Aikido like most martial arts can be compared to a bottle of fine wine that costs $1,000,000.00.  Unless you are a connoisseur or a sommelier you probably cannot appreciate that bottle of wine's depth, characters or nuances.  You'd have to spend a lot of time taking classes, reading books and drinking at lot wine to get to a place where you could appreciate even a moderately expensive bottle of wine.  The martial arts are no different.

In order to get to place where you can truly appreciate the depth, character and nuances of any martial art takes hours upon hours of practice and that is why Miyamoto Musashi said, "It takes 1,000 days to forge the spirit and 10,000 days to polish it."  Please study hard and don't give up.