“It is not that we lack self-confidence or ability, it is just that we are afraid of failure. We shouldn't worry about this. There is no such thing as failure until we create it in our minds and bring it into our lives. It really does not exist, it is only an idea, value judgement or sensation which simply comes and goes in your head. It does not exist in reality or in Nature. Why many worry about failure so much is that they are very much attached to failure. Why? Because failure is an easy way to absolve one's self of responsibility and commitment which we hate or find burdensome. We shouldn’t waste our time and energy on such tiresome games, move on!

The only problem with failure is that, if we buy into it, it takes a little bit away from us, doesn't it? That little bit of ourselves which can never be taken back. . . so we should simply put the idea of failure or loss out of our minds!” - Rev. Kensho Furuya