Helping others, thinking about others or putting others first is at the core of every religion or great teaching and aikido is no different.  Aikido is a different type of martial art in that there is a great emphasis placed on ukemi or receiving the technique. Ukemi is the physical manifestation of the greater teaching of helping others or in other words compassion. Ukemi is compassion. Think about it, you give up or sacrifice yourself for another person's enlightenment.  It doesn't get any more compassionate than that. Realizing the uke's (the one who receives) compassionate gesture the nage (the thrower) is humbled by this gesture. The best case scenario the nage pays it forward and shows others compassion.  In the worst case scenario the nage takes advantage of the uke's kindness and either abuses him or treats him with little regard - nothing is more abhorrent. What then is the goal if training?  The goal of studying a martial art is not the destruction of others but rather the destruction of yourself. Loyalty, courage, bravery, and valor are all the characteristics of great warriors but they are only manifested as you sacrifice yourself for others.

This idea of compassion is what makes aikido a different type of martial art. Most other martial arts manifest compassion at their highest level. In aikido we practice it from the very first day.


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