samurai swordWarriors are supposed to be people of stature.  Who we are as martial artists is based upon how we live our lives.  What we say pales in comparison to what we do. The samurai of old were reputed to be people of high moral character and superior inner strength.  Stories of their will are the material that legends are made from.  This unwavering fortitude of character is referred to as shitsujitsu gouken (質実剛健) in Japanese.

Someone who lives their life by shitsujitsu gouken is someone who here in the US might be the "strong silent type."  What they do speaks volumes about who they are rather than who they say they are.

Warriors who live by shitsujitsu gouken firmly believe in the principles by which they live their lives and they are willing to go to any length to keep them intact.

Furuya Sensei used to say, "Always act as if your teacher is watching."  This statement helps remind people of lesser character or strength to act appropriately in hopes that someday they may become shitsujitsu gouken type people.

Who we are is defined by what we say, think and do.  When what we say, think and do is in alignment, we call that integrity.  To be in alignment with one's beliefs is the Way and warriors of old believed that they should let noting sway them from that path.

Who are we when nobody is looking?  Hopefully we have integrity and are living the way of the  shitsujitsu gouken type person.