choke behind copyOften times we get into trouble when we "think" things are one way when they really are another.

As martial artists we are straight forward people.  We mean what we say and we do what we say. This can sometimes make relationships difficult especially if the people in the relationship aren't being totally honest regardless if they are aware of it or no.

Relationships can sometimes be very difficult.  Hurt feelings and misunderstandings arise when we "think" our relationship with someone is one way, but they think it is something completely different.

If we want to have meaningful relationships then we must be honest.  This honesty is with not only ourselves as to who we are and what we want but also to be honest in the way we see people.

If this person continually hurts us and we do our best to rectify the situation by changing our behaviors and talking with them honestly then maybe it is time for us to down grade our relationship.

There are many levels of "friendship" just as there are many levels of what one calls "family."  The trick is to see things as they are not as we wish them to be.  The poet, George Santayana said, "Intelligence is quickness in seeing things as they are." 

As a martial artist, our ability to be successful lies in our ability to read the situation correctly and acting appropriately.  We don't have time or room for duplicity because duplicity only takes us off the path.

As martial artists, we must practice single-mindedness at all times so therefore we must be honest and see things as they are regardless of how painful it can be.