Last night a student who has been studying Aikido for just over a year tore a hole in the knee of his gi pants or zubon.  When I noticed it, I said, "Congratulations."  I said congratulations because that hole represents something that money can't buy - hard work.  Only a thoroughly worn-in faded uniform get holes in knees, broken draw strings or a tears in the sleeves or lapels.  There is a saying that black belts are merely white belts that are stained black with blood, sweat and tears and your uniform is no different.  The knees of your uniform don't get ripped because you are taking it easy.  They get ripped because you wear them down with effort and they become drab from all the blood, sweat and tears. A hole is something you cannot fake or would not fake because to most it is presence is benign and usually overlooked, but to people who do train hard, it's like joining an exclusive club.  This exclusive club's enjoys the membership of every great master of every great martial art throughout history because they too have all put the work in.  This exclusive club however is open for anyone to join.  The only requirements to join are hard work, perseverance, and self-discipline.

A hole then is more than just a hole - it is the gateway to a whole other world.  Please keep up the good work!

------------------------------------------- Day 6 update:  Sorry about not updating you on day 5.  I completely forgot.  Day 6 has been a bit of a struggle as finding 3-4 opportunities is easy, but I find it a bit of stretch for the last one.  I actually realized it in bed and I began to get mad, but then a thought came to mind to let myself off the hook.  Wow!  What a great idea.

Day 7: Let 5 other people or things off the hook and let yourself off the hook at least twice.