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"Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn." - John C. Maxwell

If you are a Cleveland or Golden State fan, last night's game 7 was a real nail bitter.  Today, depending on which side you are on, you are either happy or sad.

In the martial arts, we don't get the luxury of being either way.  The way we see it is just as John C. Maxwell asserts, "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn."

In Buddhism, this mindset is called equanimity.  In swordsmanship it's called a non-abiding mind.  Either way, we cannot allow ourselves to be swayed one way or another.  When you win, great!  When you lose, great!  Regardless of the outcome, the situation allows us the opportunity for growth.

Victories only live on in books and martial artists understand the fleetingness of winning and, for that matter, losing.  We understand that the journey of life is a process of growth and self development where at any time or with any outcome we have the opportunity to learn something.  If we think for one moment that who we are is defined by that moment, we run the risk of losing our way.