Some days, life just feels like this...

Sometimes no matter what we do, things don't go our way.  Furuya Sensei's Zen teacher, Bishop Yamashita once said to him, "Nothing goes the way we think it will."  Profound words indeed.

We often trap ourselves with this idea that if we are happier, skinnier, wealthier or more skillful that our lives will some how better.  The truth is as the Bishop stated and that by accepting this hard truth we can some how liberate ourselves from this trap.

The truth behind the Bishop's admonishment is that today we must celebrate what is and not wait for what will be.

"Even monkeys fall out of trees" was one of my mom's favorite Japanese proverbs.  Things happen, situations change and we grow older.  Tomorrow never comes because it is always today.

Mingyur Rinpoche said, "Whatever passes through your mind, don't focus on it and don't try to suppress it.  Just observe it as it comes and goes."

Some days feel just like a kick to the face.  It happens.  Don't hold on to it and just let it go.