Do you have kioi ( 気負い) or fighting spirit?

A warrior has fighting spirit.  Fighting spirit is not something physical or external.  To have fighting spirit is to have a mindset where anything is achievable regardless of the odds or obstacles.

Check out Josh Womack's bat skills.  Anyone can do these insane tricks, but sadly most won't.  The average person looks at something seemingly insurmountable and silently says to themselves, "I can't do that."  They are partially correct.  They can't "do" that right now, but with time and effort they could.  I believe that everything in this world can be accomplished.  I am not naive, I am a martial artist.   I firmly believe that if it can be done by someone then I can do it too.   Most martial artists see the world the same way.  This is what it means to have fighting spirit.

As a warrior, we are never supposed to look at the obstacles and think, "I'm done" or "I'm gonna lose."  As a martial artist we are supposed to have konjo or the willpower to see things through to the end.  We are supposed to use our superior attitude and mindset and find way so that we can be successful.

Because of this "can do" mindset, the only thing holding us back then is our beliefs.  Can you or will you?  Can implies ability or skillfulness - so yes anyone can acquire a skill.  Will suggests attitude, drive or determination - so yes, but one has to have the right mindset.

I believe that with time, effort and hard work that everything and anything can be achieved.  I am not being braggadocious when I think this way - its just the way I think when it comes to achieving something.  It is something deep seated in me that makes me think that if I put in the time and set my mind to it that I will eventually be successful.  I'm not trying to be better than anyone else, I am just trying to be the best that I can be.

A true martial artists is someone who is imbued this indomitable spirit or fighting spirit where if they put their minds and efforts to something then it will become so.  Do you have fighting spirit?