Do you want to understand Aikido?  Then watch this video, but please watch it until the end.  What researcher Brene Brown is speaking about in this TED talk is the underlying philosophy of Aikido.  It is difficult to explain what Aikido is.  Aikido, more than just being a martial art, is an understanding of not only the world but of humanity too.  What I can tell you about the philosophy of Aikido is this:

Every person is good and only doing the best that they can. Every person is suffering and going through their own battles. Every person is human and humans make mistakes. Every person is ignorant to the true cause of their actions and thus not entirely at fault.

Therefore, every person deserves kindness, compassion and forgiveness just like we do.

Aikido is built on this platform of love and compassion but that too is a bit abstract when laid over this martial art called Aikido.  It is hard to explain Aikido, but this video describes the whys or underlying motives and the hows or impetus for the structure of the Aikido techniques.  I hope you can understand.