Businessman shouting her victory to the worldHaving balance in life is about being able to appropriately deal with stress.  Stress can come from a myriad of things most of which we create for ourselves.  For me one of my self made stressors comes as I personalize things.  I get upset as someone cuts me off, cuts in line at the grocery store, or is mean to me.  The crazy thing is that I know that I do it yet I still let it get to me.  I guess everyone has something to work on and for me this is one of them.   Today I am going to try the 10 day "Let someone off the hook" challenge.  Won't you try it with me? The 10 day "Let someone off the hook" challenge is simple.  Everyday I am going to consciously "Let someone off the hook" when something happens to me or if I feel they have done something to me.  I am not going to tell them.  When something happens like getting cut off in traffic, I am just going to say to myself, "That's OK, I am going to let you off the hook."  Starting tomorrow I will post my off the hook experiences.

Rules: 1) Let someone off the hook 2) Say to yourself something like, "That's OK, I am going to let you off the hook."  You can choose your own phrase, but you must say it out loud or to yourself. 3) You can do it as many times as you want, but they don't carry over to the next day. 4) Everyday add one Day 1: 1 Day 2: 2 Day 3: 3 etc, etc