"Although I am just a human being, I just want to model myselfafter the sword - always straight, always true and very decisive. Something that doesn't have an outer obvious strength the we look for today, but something that has an inner strength which is hard to see unless you really know it and really can appreciate it." ~ Sensei

Today, we are buffeted by society's desire for gain and self-promotion.  What are we to do?  If we don't sell ourselves who will know we are good or that we have value?  This is probably one of the hardest parts about following the Way.  When I see someone's bio on the Internet and I see some bent truths it makes me feel sad for that person that they need to "pump it up" in order to maintain their relevancy.  Why can't we be accepted for who we are?  We are human beings who are wonderful, beautiful and fallible.   Here is something I use to try and keep perspective on myself.

Like me... Every person is good and doing the best that they can. Like me... Every person suffers and is going through their own stuff. Like me... Every person is human and human beings make mistakes. Every person deserves kindness, compassion and forgiveness... Just like me.