目指すべき所に、近道は存在しない Mezasubeki tokoro ni chikamichi wa sonzai shinai "There are no short cuts to any place worth going"

What do you want to achieve in this life?  What are you willing to do or sacrifice in order to make that dream come true?

To get what we want requires that we put in the work and make some sacrifices.

Getting what we want then comes down to one thing - choice.  We must choose the course of action that will enable us to achieve our goal.  With that being said, there are only two questions we must ask ourselves: "What is my goal?" and "Does this bring me closer to that goal?".

Our answers will inform us of our course of action.

Change is about choice and martial artists are people of change.  We chose to start studying a martial art and we choose to keep going despite any discomfort that we might experience on the journey.

How badly then do you want change?  Change requires action.  Remember, everyone starts as a beginner.  There is no such thing as prodigies or phenoms - everyone has to put in the work.