A person of exceptional skill who takes their craft seriously is referred to as a Shokunin in Japan.  It is rare to see one of these master craftsman at work as they tend to be people who let their work speak for itself.  Here is a video of Master Soba noodle maker Tatsuru Rai at work.  Tatsuru Rai has been featured on TV many times and is supposed to have one of the best soba restaurants in Japan.

Regardless if we like soba or not, his attention to detail should be our attention to detail.  The way he approaches his craft should inspire us to give our art the same "mastery" that he does.  This is not his home kitchen, but notice how everything that he does is done meticulously with a sense of care and purpose.  He never bangs something down or moves hastily.  He kind of flows around as he makes the soba.  Also, pay attention to how much preparation goes into making the noodles.  He is meticulous about how he organizes his space and notice how much he cleans up as he goes.  I personally believe that the more pristine the environment, the more sophisticated the art.

It's rare to see a shokunin or master at work, but hopefully when we do we can use their master to gain a better perspective on ourselves and our art. It doesn't matter if one is a master or not.  We can still have a master's perspective and approach our art in the same way.