"Imagine fish swimming in a shallow pond, just below the lily pads, thinking that their “universe” is only two-dimensional. Our three-dimensional world may be beyond their ken. But there is a way in which they can detect the presence of the third dimension. If it rains, they can clearly see the shadows of ripples traveling along the surface of the pond. Similarly, we cannot see the fifth dimension, but ripples in the fifth dimension appear to us as light." - Michio Kaku Another way to experience this fifth dimension is with love. Things like light, gravity or love just to name a few are nature's laws.  O Sensei understood this and that is why he created Aikido. We are all swimming around in our ponds. Light shines through but it is intangible just as love is but just as with light one mat not be able to understand its origins but we can still feel its affects.

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