What is the philosophy of Aikido?   It is one of love, but that is something of a paradox especially in the martial arts where people only see violence.  This might be true from a beginner's standpoint because they cannot see or understand true Aikido.  The problem with this outlook is that violence only begets more violence which something called Looping where the circle of violence never ends. Aikido understands this tendency towards violence and confrontation and that is why the techniques are designed the way they are.  It is said that each technique has a secret teaching about life that can only be revealed by training.  To break the chain of violence, one needs to change their mind first and that begins with one's outlook on life.  Here is a video of a 109 year old Holocaust survivor who has an "Aikido-like" outlook on life.  Her name is Alice Herz-Sommer and her outlook on life encapsulates O Sensei's teachings.