"When traveling is made too easy and comfortable, its spiritual meaning is lost. This may be called sentimentalism, but a certain sense of loneliness engendered by traveling leads one to reflect upon the meaning of life, for life is after all a traveling from one unknown to another unknown." - D.T. Suzuki (1870 - 1966) kidIn Aikido we think of budo training as a journey.  Along the journey we tested as well as we accumulate experiences.  These experiences help to shape us.  The journey of training, or life for that matter, is not supposed to be easy. Garth Brooks has a great line in one of his songs that goes, "You're not wealthy until you have something money can't buy."  Pursuing the way of Aikido is something that anyone can do but most will not.  Training is all about developing one's self - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.