A group of young kids came by the dojo the other day filming interviews with local Japanese Americans and asking them questions about not only Japanese culture but about their own philosophies.  One kid asked me, "What is the best martial art technique?"  To answer his question, I just ran into the hallway.  Everyone thought I was joking and laughed.

I was being funny, but it is actually quite true in any situation.  If you can get away without fighting, you win.  It is one's ego that wants to fight or to win.  Training in the martial arts is not about fighting, it is about learning how not to fight.

Many times when we get into a situation, we allowed ourselves to get into that situation by action or choice.  For instance, you chose to walk down that dark alleyway or to go to that biker bar.  A martial artists win 100% of the fights they never get into.

The martial arts are designed to preserve life, not take it.  Sometimes running away is the best defense and sometimes you have to stay and fight, but knowing which is which is the key.

Like all techniques, one must know when to use it.