"To err is human, to forgive is divine." - Alexander Pope As I look back on the year, I am shocked at how fast it all went by and all the things that serendipitously went right and all the things that unfortunately went wrong.  I wish I could say that as an Aikido teacher that I am perfect and have all the answers.  Sadly, I too am human and prone to make mistakes.  Alexander Pope's assertion is definitely true.  We are all humans and thus mortal beings, but what makes us truly great is our ability to forgive.  Each of us has this power innately within us.  It is just sometimes hard to let out.  O Sensei said that Aikido is the true manifestation of love.  To be able to give love to people who are trying to harm us is true power.  It takes more strength to forgive than it does to hurt others or to hate.  I hope that someday I can have true strength and be able to forgive irrespectively.  The hope of all teachers is that their students become greater than them.  I hope that you can be greater than me and forgive generously.  It is the one true power we all possess yet almost never use.  You have it, why not use it?

We will be at the Smoke House in Burbank at 6:30 PM this Saturday for our annual dojo Christmas party.  Everyone is welcome to attend regardless if you are currently training or not.  This would be a good time to just come and have fun and let it all go.  No need to sign up, just show up.  No questions asked, no damage done, all is forgiven.  What do you say, cheese bread anyone?