manAikido makes another appearance on a TV show called The Man in the High Castle.  The show is based on a novel by Philip Dick with the same name and can only be viewed on Amazon PrimeThe Man in the High Castle is a "what if" story about what life would be like if the nazis won the war and the United States become occupied by Japan and Germany. The story takes place in 1962 and follows two characters Julianna Crane played by Alexa Davalos and Joe Blake played by Luke Kleintank.  Julianna is an experienced Aikido practitioner who is given a movie reel from her sister just before she is murdered and decides to embark on her sister's secret journey to Canon City.  Joe Blake is a new recruit working for the American underground who is also traveling to Canon City.

I only watched the first few episodes, but thought the show was good.  I think the acting was superb despite the fact that it is an Amazon show and the 1960s detail is great.  I only wish they would do a better job with the Aikido.  Alexa Davalos is fine, but the ukemi and the Aikido "philosophical" parts are lacking.

All in all, I think The Man in the High Castle is worth checking out.  There was only one book by Philip Dick so we will see where Amazon takes it.