The famous Sumo wrestler Kitanoumi Toshimitsu (北の湖敏満) passed away today.  He was 62 years old.  Kitanoumi (北の湖) was the youngest person to be promoted to the rank of Yokozuna or grand champion at 21 years and 2 months and was the most dominant sumo wrestler of the 1970s.  When I watch his bouts, I am amazed at how quickly and how agile he moves for someone who weighs 373 lbs.  His yorkiri ( 寄り切り) or force out technique was always exciting because he would sometimes pick up the smaller sumo wrestlers by the belt (mawashi) and force them out. In this match, you can see Kitanoumi's excellent balance and agility as Takanohana (貴ノ花)  tries several different take-downs.

Here is a compilation of Kitanoumi's matches where some he loses, but they are always exciting.  His chief rivals were Takanohana (貴ノ花), Wajima (輪島) and Chiyonofuji (千代の富).

May he rest in peace.