I noticed over the weekend that XM radio and KOST have started playing holiday music.  In the past, I hated that fact that people started putting out holiday decorations and that radio stations started playing holiday music so early.  But lately...I kind of like it. The holidays are supposed to be the time when we think of others.  We try and be a little nice, forgiving and generous.  It is the time of the year when we are the people we always hoped to be.  As Bill Murray's character in Scrooged said, " It's [Christmas Eve] the one night when we all act a little nicer.   We...we smile a little easier. We...we...share a little more.   For a couple of hours we are the people we always hoped we would be."

If we can be the people we always hoped we could be for this short few weeks, why can't we be this way all year around?  I know I wish I could.

Aikidoist try to embody this "holiday spirit" all year around.  All that means is that we do our best to be better people.  When we see a pieced of litter, we pick it up.  When we see that someone is need of help, we help them.  As martial artist, we are supposed to be the best of the best.

It is easy to be grumpy or in a "holiday rush," but we are martial artists.  Our training dictates that we be not only aware of our surrounding but aware of ourselves.  When the holidays arrive we almost instantly find ourselves in the thick of it and can't seem to get out of the funk.  To circumvent the craziness, we need to prepare ourselves earlier.

So now, I listed to the holiday music as soon as it comes on so that I can start the holiday cheer before the holidays even start.  And just maybe I can be a better person for a couple of more weeks longer than the usual holiday month.