The enemy of all martial artists is a nice warm comfortable bed. Think about it.  Why would you get out of a perfectly nice comfy warm bed.  Nobody wants to.  I know I don't.  On one hand it is so delightfully wonderful that you could just lie there and lose the entire day there and I am sure many of us have wondered why scientitsts haven't come up with an answer for going to the bathroom or eating in bed.  Duh that's a no brainer.  On the other hand when you are not in bed, the thought of a warm comfortable bed is so inviting that we all strive for one.  The warm comfortable bed is  the metaphor for a wonderful life.  In the comfy bed everything is the way it should be - you are warm, safe, comfortable, stinky but in a nice way and surrounded by non judgmental totaly accepting pillows and blankets.  If you are lucky then maybe someone is there with you to share the awesomeness and help you order Chinese food.  If a warm bed is the glove in which evil slips its hand into then sign me up for another.

If the world is so great in a comfy cozy bed, why would you leave?  And that is why the bed is the enemy of all martial artists.

It is hard for me to advocate choosing pain over pleasure because I know that we are all human and sometimes we all need a break.  The old days are riddled with tales of martial artist going to extremes to stave off complacency.  They slept in caves, swore off wine and women, ate bugs, or did just about anything to avoid getting comfortable.  Eiji Yoshikawa's book Musashi is literally all about Miyamoto Musashi and his journey to stave off pleasure.  Miyamoto Musashi and other martial artists did this because they knew that complacency is the gateway to being unsuccessful.

The bed can be substituted for anything that we might choose in lieu of training - a nice meatball sub, a cold pint of beer, TV, hanging out with friends or anything that is comfy cozy.  I get it, but these things need to be undertaken with moderation because sometimes once they set in they are awfully hard to get out of.  We have all been there and some of us choose to get out of bed and some of us choose to stay.  Its your life and you are free to choose, but I my experience the bed can sometimes be the enemy.