Japanese Iaido teacher Isao Machii is one of the most well known Iaido teachers in the world.  He holds numerous cutting records and is even in the Guinness Book of World Records.  His cutting precision and timing is most likely at the top of the spectrum.  In this video he cuts a 100mph fastball in half while standing 30 feet away.  Incredible!  One of his greatest feats was cutting a BB in half as it was shot directly at him.  Isao Machii is famous and many of his feats can be witnessed on Youtube. Isao Machii's feats with a sword are incredible, but are they unattainable?  The only difference between Isao Machii and anyone else is that he started something and kept going.  I wish I could say for sure that he was gifted with incredible timing, eye sight or something else, but I don't know any of that for sure.  What I do know is that he has perfected a skill to the highest level and to do that one needs to put the work in.  There is no such thing as a phenom.

It doesn't matter if we want to be a mechanic, a lawyer, Aikidoist or a swordsman, it first requires that we start and then it requires that we keep going.  Isao Machii seems to stand alone and in a certain sense he does because all others have either never started or have long since quit.  Cutting 100mph fastballs is at the juncture where determination meets perseverance.