Who makes these changes?

Who makes these changes? I shoot to the right the arrow lands left I ride after a deer and find myself chased by a hog I plot to get what I want and end up in jail I dig pits to trap others and I fall in I should be suspicious of what I want

~ Jalal ad-Dīn Muhammad Rumi

Who makes these changes?  Me and me only.  I cannot control what happens to me, but I can choose what happens inside of me and what I am going to do in life.  When faced with an attacker, the classical responses are: fight, flight or freeze.  There is one more response - Aikido.

In Aikido we choose to see things differently and thus choose a different method of response.  Instead of running, freezing or fighting we harmonize with our opponent.  Although Aikido is a combat art, at its highest level mutual cooperation is its most coveted technique.  We know that all beings suffer and this person attacking us is no different.  Instead of destroying him, we show him the harmony of compassion.  To get to this high level one must train fastidiously and actively choose the path of Aikido and the way of harmony.

Your life is no different.  Are you chasing after a deer only to find yourself chased by the hog of life.  Well then, how about a change?  It is up to you, but if you fight, freeze or run away that is not Aikido.  Choose to see something that is not there.  The way out of suffering is through self reflection and awareness.  Self reflection and awareness are the fodder of choice and subsequently of change.

Therefore I choose...