To celebrate our 300th post, I thought I'd re-post something that Sensei wrote that strongly moved me in the past.  We are all standing on the shoulder's of giants in that without our teachers we would not be the people we are today...good, bad, right or wrong.

NO Success, NO Failure:

In Aikido practice, there is no success and no failure - this means that
in Aikido, like real life, you cannot make such snap decisions or conclusions.
Aikido is "living practice" - step by step, and day and day as
we live our lives. It is an organic, living thing and cannot be assigned
such values as rich or poor, success or failure, or good or bad. What is
important in life is living one day to the next - not how we are rich or
poor. However, in Aikido, as in real life - our most important value is
to live with Heart - in other words, with our whole mind, spirit and body.