Why should we know or care how a bow and arrow works in the modern age?  It is not like we will be attacked by an archer and need to know something about their craft.  This is true, but knowing or having an understanding of something makes us more well rounded.  The man being interviewed in the video is a world famous long bow archer.  So it is not what we learn about archery that is important, but how a master views his craft as they explain how it works.  Miyamoto Musashi said, "To truly know one Way is to know all Ways."  The science is fun and interesting to me, but seeing the master Byron Ferguson is really what you should be focusing on.  Plus, if we call ourselves martial artists then we can never underestimate our opponents or the situation.  Remember, surprise the key to winning almost any battle.  So if someone pulls out a bow, you will hopefully know how to negotiate their advances. https://youtu.be/O7zewtuUM_0