I thought I would start an on-going series that would improve people's martial arts IQ.  We tend to get pigeon holed into our own styles and I hope that with this series people will be able to expand their horizons.  When I was a student, we were exposed to masters from many different martial art styles as they came by the dojo to talk shop with Sensei.  Sadly, some of those people have passed and I don't know any other teachers.  So I thought, from time to time, that I would  post videos, articles or other information on past masters of any style of martial arts so that people can learn and increase their knowledge about the martial arts.  I will retroactively go back and re-title some of my past posts under "Martial arts IQ" so that people will know how to search for them. Below is a video of Mifune Kyuzo who is considered to be one of the greatest judo technicians of all time.  It was said that he was, "more feared than loved" for his tenaciousness on the mat.  He was ranked 10th dan in Judo and passed away in 1965 at the age of 81.  He was Jigoro Kano's successor and the head of Kodokan judo.  He is credited with the creation of uki-otoshi (floating drop) and kuki-otoshi (air throw).  Both of these throws are advanced in execution because they require a high sense of balance and timing.  These two throws look surprisingly like Aikido throws and no doubt had an influence on some Aikido techniques because many judoists switched to Aikido later on in their careers during that time after meeting O Sensei.  Sensei, in his library, had several of Mifune Sensei's books like the Canon of Judo.  You can see his grace and knowledge of the techniques as he throws around younger and stronger judoist and circumvents their techniques with a sense of calmness and ease.