Tiger Mori (Mori Terao) is considered one of the greatest swordsman of the modern era.  Tiger Mori was 8th dan in Kendo and was a world class fencer.  He was also somehow related to the Noma Seiji of the famed Noma Kendo dojo.  O Sensei even demonstrated at Noma dojo.    Sensei was a Kendo and Iaido student of Tiger Mori's as a young boy growing up in the 1950s.  Sensei used to tell a story about Tiger Mori that he could thrust (tsuki) so quickly that he could hit the tip of the handle (tsuka) and knock it out of your hands as you were doing an overhead cut (kirioroshi). In a match in Manchuria Tiger Mori took on his teacher Seiji Mochida and attacked his teacher twice with such an unorthodox strike to win the points that famed Iaido teacher Nakayama Hakudo responded that those techniques could only have been born of a master with "real fighting experience."

There is almost little to no video footage of Tiger Mori and there is only a few articles and one book in Japanese written about him.  Below is a video I found of Tiger Mori doing a Kendo exhibition.  Notice  his poise and posture.  During the video they are basically demonstrating but there is a moment at 3:50 where Tiger Mori shows some interesting moves.

Tiger Mori is one name that in my mind is synonymous with Kendo.