"An inch of gold can't buy an inch of time." - Chinese proverb Don't wait for tomorrow.  Tomorrow may never come.  We always think, "there is more time," but there is no time left.  "The moment has passed, "was something Sensei used to say to us often whenever we blew the chance to do something or tried to fix a mistake.

The hardest part about life is that sometimes we wait to long for the perfect opportunity to arise only to miss a descent opportunity laid at our feet.

Training is no different.  Right now, we have the opportunity to train and we are "able."  We are the youngest we will ever be, but if we wait too long the moment will pass.  When it does pass, we might not be "able" to train anymore and nothing is more painful than regret.

Life is to be lived.  Train hard.  Do what you want to do.  Go forth with the heart of a tiger.    Don't let the opportunities of life pass you by.