Why do I do Aikido?  I am not really sure.  Aikido is something that intrigues me.  I teach a lot of classes and on a regular basis I see something new or different.  When this happens, it peaks my interest and pushes me to study more.  I don't know why or how I became interested in Aikido so I can't tell you if it was some sort of nature/nurture thing from my past.  I can tell you that Aikido has been something that was around me but unknown to me as a child.  Here are a few things that make me think, "Hmm" and that perhaps Aikido was something that I was always supposed to do.  When I was a small child my grandfather suggested my mom take my brother to Aikido lessons.  People in Furuya Sensei's family were close to people in my family, but we had never met.  Interestingly, when going through Sensei's stuff after he had died, I found a funeral program for my great grandmother's funeral. Are things pre-destined?  I am not sure, but the signs and synchronicities are all around us.

Here is a great video of O Sensei doing Aikido.  Look at how he uses the angles and how he is constantly moving.